What is InvestiGators?
InvestiGators! is a TV show Peter Coish and Kayli Bailey have been developing since 2017. The show is about an alligator and crocodile detective duo named Al and Cliff. Together the two solve mysteries in their hometown of Bermuda Shores, Florida; constantly taunted by the crimes of the elusive Florida Man!​​​​​​​
The show is intended for children but meant to be enjoyable for all ages. With the use of fun and imaginative episodes, InvestiGators will create memorable scenes that put an even whackier spin on real life criminal investigations. We want to take the laughable crimes of real life Floridians, and exemplify them as the comical art form they are becoming. Our goal is to captivate and entertain and make our audiences care about the outcomes of our characters. Perhaps most importantly, our goal for this pilot is to make people laugh.
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